"Organic Life" is engaged in the production and sale of liquid organic fertilizers and bio-humus i.e. vermicompost.

The idea of "Organic life" is with a modern and complex range of organic fertilizers to contribute to the recovery and restoration of polluted soils and in creating a healthy and ecological environment as a basis for production of clean ecological products.

According to all laboratory examinations and tests, “Organic Life” organic fertilizers are pure ecologic extracts from worms (derived from the processing of California worms), which do not have any harmful effect on the environment, are not toxic, and allow to produce organic products.

The company owns its own production in the Tikvesh region, in Macedonia, where conditions for breeding of California worms have been created. The development of the recipe of our products is carried out in cooperation with the Russian Chemical and Technological University DV. Mendeleev and supervised by Professor Igor Titov. The quality of our products can be evaluated by the vine-growers, farmers and fruit growers that are mostly prevalent in this region. .

Our goal is to combine the use of biohumus and liquid fertilizers derived from it and to enable agricultural producers to produce environmentally safe products, so-called "bio products”, without using mineral fertilizers or agrochemicals.

All products are registered with the MAFWE.