“Biohumus-Organika” is organic fertilizer, or biohumus obtained by vermocomposting, ideal for the cultivation of quality seedlings which provide and balances the diet, stimulates growth and plants development and increases resistance to all kinds of diseases. “ Biohumus-Organika "is used not only as a bio-stimulator, but also as a means of reducing the depletion off the soil and its improvement.

“Biohumus Organica” contains a number of humic and fulvous acids giving the plant high agrochemical and stimulating properties. All nutrients therein are combined and balanced in the form of organic compounds available to the plants. It does not contain pathogenic helminth eggs, weed seeds and heavy metals. In addition, it contains a unique community of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, isolated plant hormones, antibiotics, fungicides and bactericidal compounds resulting in suppression of pathogenic organisms. All this in the long run, contributes to a healthier soil, eliminating many prevalent diseases in plants. The plants are healthier and have richer developed root system, more leaves and flowers and a reduced rate of frosting at extremely low temperatures.
Vermocompost (compost from worms) – is a product obtained through accelerated bio destruction of organic waste, interacting with earthworms and soil microorganisms. The worms transform organic matter into humus, which has already passed through the digestive tract of worms. The resulting material has a high and diverse microbiological and enzyme activity, excellent physical structure, high ability to retain moisture and nutrients such as Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium and Magnesium, in a form that the plant receives instantly. Thus are obtained completely stabilized organic fertilizer with low ratio of carbon and nitrogen.
  • - Increases the yield of 20-30%;
  • - Increases the productivity of the soil and improves its structure;
  • - Stimulates growth and accelerates the development of plants;
  • - Reduces the seed sprouting and increases the energy of the earth
  • - Speeds the growth and flowering of plants;
  • - Reduces the time of fruit ripening of two to three weeks;
  • - Enhances the immune system of plants;
  • - Increases resistance to stress, temperature variations, bacterial and putrefactive diseases;
  • - Improves the taste of cultivated products;
  • - Increases the volume and weight of the root, and improves its formation;
  • - Drastically reduces root decay of the plant, molds and wilting of the plant;
  • - Reduces the term of plants ripening for 7-10 days
  • - Reduces the need for irrigation due to humidity and the capacity to retain moisture.
  • 4Use and application of "Biohumus - Organika”

    -It applies to all types of crops: agriculture, gardening, forestry, horticulture, ornamental plants, seedlings of vegetables and flowers etc

  • -The average dosage of biohumus is 2-6 tons per hectare, i.e. mixed with soil, peat or humus in the ratio 1: 4 or 1:5.
  • -When planting in a square meter of the ridge (crest) 100-200 grams of biohumus is put, mixed with earth, irrigated and seedlings are carefully planted.
  • -During dosing, the dosage of mineral fertilizers can be reduced to 30-50%, and at higher doses traditional mineral fertilizers and agrochemicals can not be applied at all. Its efficiency is retained up to 4-7 years.
  • -It can be applied in an open field at any time, even in late autumn, without fear that the soil will lose its rich components during the winter-spring period, when rain and snow melt.
  • -Even small doses of biohumus significantly affect the growth, development and health of plants, flowering, fruit and harvest (in qualitative and quantitative terms) of various crops.


    According to all laboratory examinations and tests, “Organic Life” organic fertilizers are pure ecologic extracts which do not have any harmful effect on the environment, are not toxic and allow to produce organic products.