“Humistar S” is environmentally clean extract from worms (obtained from the processing of Californian worms) or liquid biohumus that has no harmful effects to the environment, is non-toxic, contains no contaminants and allows to produce ecologically clean agricultural products.

The use of "Humistar S" as a bio-stimulant for growth in crop production of protected or open ground, provides major economic benefits, with little material costs and the absence of side effects of each agriculture. It contributes in producing high quality and environmentally friendly agricultural products, by reducing the losses during the storage.

It has a fine structure which contains more nutrients and a higher level of microbiological activities than the other types of traditional fertilizers. The presence of high level of nutrients in biohumus is an ideal raw material for making the "Humistar S". Vermicompost process reduces the loss of nitrate nitrogen and other nutrients. It contains water-soluble compounds: humic and fulvous acids, organic acids, amino acids, regulatory peptides, vitamins, hormones and other biologically active compounds, as well as a live soil ( rhizospherical and mycorrhizal) microflora. The Constant use of "Humistar S" will enable the farmers to reduce the dose of mineral fertilizers and chemical products by 50%, or completely rule out their use.
2Positive effects:
  • • increases the crop of 20-30%;
  • • increases the amount of sugars, proteins and vitamins in fruits and vegetables;
  • • increases the productivity of the soil and improves its structure;
  • • shortens the vegetation period;
  • • stimulates and improves the root formation in plants;
  • • increases resistance to stressful situations, drought and cold;
  • • increases the immune system in immature plants;
  • • stimulate growth and accelerates the development of plants;
  • • increases germination and energy of the earth;
  • • reduces the content of nitrates in agricultural products;;
  • 3Physical and chemical properties
  • Ph = 7,6 - 8.6 ± 2,22
  • Organic Carbon (C) = 1,3% (13g/L)
  • Humic acids >1% (10g/L)
  • Fulvous acids >1% (10g/L)
  • Total organic matter 2,2% (22g/L)
  • Potassium (К2О) 84.9mg/100g
  • Phosphorus (P2O5) 10.5mg/100g
    It can be applied through drip irrigation or foliar (during vegetation) in various types of crops: agriculture, horticulture, forestry, lawn, ornamental plants, seedlings of vegetables and flowers, as a nutrients for the recovery of contaminated soil etc… It is recommended to use preventively, as well to reduce plant stress due to drought and other unfavorable plant conditions. It can also be used with the simultaneous introduction of chemical agents as plant protection and mineral fertilizers. In this case, 10l liquid biohumus in 1000l water per hectare is used, and applied once every 10-12 days.
  • Foliar feeding – 10l fertilizer for 1hectare / water ratio 1:100
  • Root feeding – ( drip irrigation) – 20l fertilizer mixed with 1000l water / 1hectare / water ratio 1:50
    1. Planting stage;

    In order to promote germination of seeds in the crops, it is recommended before seeding seeds to be soaked in diluted Humistar S. This is especially important for sprouting small seeds with little potential for growth. When using liquid seed biohumus, seeds of peas, beans and other nuts are soaked at room temperature. The solution is mixed with water in a ratio of 1:20. Seeds are put in a bag and it is necessary to be stirred as well.

    2. Shoots growth stage:

    10l fertilizer to 1000L water / per 1 hectare - are mixed and applied foliar;

    3. After flowering:

    Applied by drip irrigation system; 20l fertilizer to1000L water / 1 hectare

    4. Grapes ripening stage:

    10l fertilizer to 1000L water / per 1 hectare - are mixed and applied foliar;

    5. Leaf falling stage:

    10l fertilizer to 1000L water / per 1 hectare - are mixed and applied foliar;


    According to all laboratory examinations and tests, “Organic Life” organic fertilizers are pure ecologic extracts which do not have any harmful effect on the environment, are not toxic and allow to produce organic products.