liquid biostimulator

“OrgaNIKA BIO ” is a liquid biostimulator that has no harmful effect on the environment, is non-toxic and allows to produce ecologically clean agricultural products. It has a fine structure, contains more nutrients and a higher level of micro biological activities than the other types of traditional fertilizers. It is an environmentally safe universal biostimulator for soil revitalization, for stimulating the growth of plants, plant recovery and their biological protection from phyto pathogenic fungi and insect pests.

The preparations of this series can be used both for root and non-root processing of plants. The most effective way is to spray the surface of the leaves using a small aviation. The norm is 6-10 l / ha. The single use of “OrgaNIKA BIO” increases yield in cereals up to 30%, and in vegetables from 40 to 50%. It also increases the level of dry matter, vitamins and sugars, but the level of nitrates decreases from 2.5 to 4 times. The use of this preparation allows reducing the dose of mineral fertilizers and chemical substances up to 50%.
2Physical and chemical properties
  • Ph = 7,6-8,6 +_0,27
  • Organic Carbon (C) 1.4% (14 g/L)
  • Humic acids 1.5 %(15 g/L)
  • Fulvous acids 0.9% (9 g/L)
  • Total organic matter 105mg/100g
  • Phosphorus (P2O5) 14.9mg/100g
    It is recommended to be used preventively as well to reduce plant stress due to drought and other unfavorable plant conditions. The preparation is compatible with all herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, which allows it to be used concomitantly with them without interrupting the technological processes. The product is suitable for all agricultural crops: cereals, legumes, vegetables, melons, technical, citrus and fodder grass.

    - Foliar feeding – 3l fertilizer with 1000Lwater/1 hectare / water ratio 1:300 - Root feeding – ( drip irrigation) – 6 l fertilizer for 1 hectare / water ratio 1:150


    According to all laboratory examinations and tests, “Organic Life” organic fertilizers are pure ecologic extracts which do not have any harmful effect on the environment, are not toxic and allow to produce organic products.